Guidelines for Aspen/DTN Symbols

As a general hint for adding contracts, first check to see what symbol works in the Aspen Graphics program for a particular contract. In the Aspen Graphics program, it is frequently necessary to enclose symbols containing unusual characters in quotes to ensure that the program understands that the symbol should be requested exactly as entered. This is especially true of symbols that contain characters such as semicolons, colons, commas, periods, etc. (this is not necessary in Capital Flow as it already adds quotes to any symbol before making the request from Aspen).

Normally symbols should be entered as capital letters, unless there is a specific reason to do otherwise. Again, try entering the symbol in the Aspen Graphics program to check what works to bring up the contract you are interested in. Be aware that entering a lowercase "c" at the beginning of a symbol sometimes will be interpreted by Aspen as a request for a contract from a Canadian exchange.

Symbol Differences Between Steidlmayer and Aspen/DTN

Most symbols for a request for data from Aspen/DTN should be the same as those used by the Steidlmayer Servers, however, there are a great many more contracts available from Aspen than were carried on our servers. Below are a few notes about activating symbols not available in the Activate lists, and use of the symbol database from the Aspen web site.

The symbol information below will be added to regularly. In addition, visit the Aspen Symbol Lookup page on the Aspen web site for more complete information.

For a particular contract, Capital Flow 32 can request a different symbol name for each feed for which the user is enabled. For instance, if the symbol ESU2 is in your database, and you wish to request data from a feed that uses the symbol "@ESU2" for the same contract, use the "Alternate Contract Name for Feed" function to force Capital Flow 32 to request the new name. This function is available from the "Open Futures" or "Open Stocks" menu item, under the "Edit Symbol" function. 

Below are listed some example symbols. In the table "my" should be replaced with the appropriate month and year codes.

Contract Name  Steidlmayer Aspen/DTN Live Aspen/DTN Delayed
Euro Futures ECmy @EUmy D_@EUmy
Natural Gas (NYMEX) electronic NGmy @QNGmy D_@QNGmy
E-mini NASDAQ NQmy @NQmy D_@NQmy
E-mini S&P ESmy @ESmy D_@ESmy
All Session US 30 year bonds USmy @@USmy D_@@USmy
30 Year Bonds Pit Only USmy USmy D_USmy
30 Year Bonds ACE (electronic) ZBmy @USmy D_@USmy

Requesting Delayed Data from Aspen/DTN

If you signed up for delayed quotes from Aspen/DTN you will need to put a "D_" in front of each symbol for which delayed data is required. Capital Flow 32 has a function (in the "Special" menu) to bulk add a suffix and/or prefix to all symbols. Capital Flow 3.7 symbols must be edited by hand (Utility / Edit Symbol) to add the "D_".